Modular System

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We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to members with different scales and specialties. Both established educational institutions and boutique study-abroad agencies can take advantage to fulfill all organizational needs.

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Join our Global Education Network and become a member of the Globalized High School.

All educational institutions such as public schools, charter schools, international schools, franchised language schools, and university international student centres, are eligible to become GHS members.


We offer three forms of collaborations to GHS members: all-encompassing education maintenance, learning platform management and teacher and faculty training. These are available on varied levels of course delivery methods.

  1. Authentic OSC learning experience. The GHS member only needs to recruit student, help in attendance and classroom supervision. The rest is on us. The entire course schedule will be completely delivered by OSC teachers and faculty. We provide end-to-end live teaching sessions, academic support, guidance counselling and language training, on top of learning platform management.
  2. Co-operative learning delivery. We provide essential training to teachers and tutors from GHS members. We perform primary live teaching sessions and manage learning platform.  GHS members will be responsible to deliver the remaining courses.
  3. Construct localized in-class learning experiences. The GHS member is the host.  We provide comprehensive and detailed training to teachers and other faculty, perform basic learning platform management such as grading, assessments, issuing student transcript. With an abundance of online and offline teaching resources and advanced training mechanisms, we ensure that the teachers from GHS members are trained to master OSSD curricula and teach confidently, just as teaching in a traditional (brick and mortar) classroom.
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There are significant benefits of joining the Global Education Network and becoming partner with special authorization. We welcome all our partners to promote our programs, as selected by the partners.  Partner organizations can include study-abroad agencies and tutoring schools.

  1. The UPP (University Pathway Program) Authorized Partner. The University Pathway Program is a flagship program designed and conducted by OSC, to directly recruit outstanding international students worldwide. This is a one-year, synchronized, intensive, long-distance learning program. With abundant live classes, extensive guidance, and academic support, 100% of the students in this program are accepted by the best Canadian universities while the majority also receive offers from Top 50 universities worldwide.
  2. Authorized Partnering Center (regionally exclusive). Partners have the opportunity to become a regionally exclusive Partnering Centre, pending the OSC’s successful completion of background screening. Authorized partners are offered a premium package (post prepayment), an exclusive, official certificate and a professional, designated support team from OSC.
  3. Individual Referrals. Referral of students interested in OSSD courses are always welcome at OSC. We accept high school students from every part of the globe (See Become an OSC Student) and provide courses offerings at varied paces. (See Your Learning Style)
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We exist to help Canadian high schools to embrace their technology-based educational needs in the new era. Transforming to an online-focused teaching format is easier than you think.

  1. We set-up a customized online learning management system and online teaching platform for you.
  2. We share our online teaching platform with teachers from your school, who then have access to lesson plans, grade book, attendance tracker and many more teaching resources. Meanwhile, teacher management, teaching quality control, and credits granting would still be in your hands.
  3. Our specialized lecturer and consultant conduct teachers’ training for professional development, online platform navigation and online teaching material creation.
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