Become an OSC Student

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We accept students from everywhere: Canada and the world.

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Canadian Local Full-Time Student

As a Canadian student, you will be a part of a global school where the world is your classroom. We have had students with diverse needs for education: artists, athletes, homeschools and other students with an intense schedule. Time after time we have addressed the various needs and helped our Canadian students enter top-shelf universities around the globe.


Canadian Local Part-Time Student

We also serve students that need only part-time learning to improve their current grades for their specific goal towards their higher education level. We accept per-course registration and students will be able to focus on the subjects they need. If this is you, be confident that this mode allows you to take a slower pace and peace-meal your learning, as needed.

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Overseas Full-Time Student

We offer the Canadian learning experience to our peers in many different countries. As an overseas full- time student, you will have the chance to participate in both your local learning and Ontario learning system. We offer the best options for success with our Diploma and a co-learning environment with Canadian peers. The world is a competitive place and you deserve the competitive advantage of our OSSD certification.


Overseas Part-Time Student

We also participate in part-time international learning to provide students all around the globe with many bits of help and value they can experience. Not every student will have a chance to conduct learning fully online, but the gate to the world vision is still opened to them. We provide language breakthrough programs, university preparation programs, these are the helpful gift that we can offer to anyone who with an open heart.

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