Your Learning Style

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The most amazing effect on you, as a student at OSC, will be the ability to select a mode of learning. We have created different types of study schedules. This means you will have significantly more flexibility than a traditional brick and mortar school. You can take the time to energize and reach your potential at full capacity.

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Regular Pace: Take Your Time to Digest


OSC’s standard learning process will almost identical to the schedule of your local school. Throughout your school year, you will be able to access the course with unlimited time. This standard speed will let you have plenty of time to learn and digest the content without worrying about the lack of time and language difficulties. If this is your first time experiencing online education in English, we do recommend our students take this regular pace mode.

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Synchronized Classroom: Real-World Connection


In Synchronized Classerooms, you will join live classes with shared progress. This means you will have direct attention to your peers and your instructor, as well as support. The synchronized classes replicate the offline classroom mode and transfer it into a fully integrated online classroom. Students will be able to participate in the class with peers around the world and study at the same pace. The in-class discussion will be a great opportunity for them to meet and communicate in real-time and possibly in the real world.*

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1-Month Fast-Track Courses


For the student who is seeking a speedy push forward, we offer the option of completing a course within a month. The Fast-Track program includes an intensified learning plan and the close attention of instructors. This program is helpful for students who need to update their marks.

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*OSC is not liable for students’ actions outside the normal online and real-world environment.

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