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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Online School Canada(OSC) is a well-known online education brand and education platform provider authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. As one of the most professional online high school platforms, OSC provides Grade 9-12 courses of OSSD to Canadian local students as well as international students from more than 20 countries worldwide. Through the establishment of the Global Education Network, OSC provides international education systems and solutions to educational institutions worldwide, constructing Globalized High Schools that conform to the educational needs of the new era.

As the core of OSC’s strategic development, the Global Education Network helps its partners build Canadian curriculum-based class delivery systems by collaborating closely with institutions outside of Canada. Benefiting students will be able to attend the world’s best non-exam-based OSSD education system after registering with OSC without leaving their country, get their diploma, and apply to top universities worldwide as Canadian high school students.

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Globalization is a fact of life and we seek for advancements for our younger generations. There are many more opportunities and challenges being created with the increasing complexity of social communication and technological advancements. It is a boundless race for which we offer boundless learning. Our students leave OSC with a critical understanding of the world, with enriched connections and their academic achievement. Ultimately, OSC opens the door to the global market.

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Being in the industry for many years, we have created a solution: with built-in strategic advantages, technical convenience, and a number of add-on services for every educational need.  This distinctive method gives our student understanding of a variety of diverse views and explore their own way on a new, better, unconventional platform.

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Online School Canada was established based on the Canadian and Ontario education system. Ontario Secondary School Diploma, as a high-value world-recognized certification, requires a comprehensive development on various types of knowledge and participation criteria. We also emphasize the essence of the MOE document “Growing Success” as a set of principles to guide our education philosophy.

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OSC believes that flexibility is the key element for successful collaboration between diverse education systems. We offer a wide range of choices and ways to apply our solutions.  We are continuous  and voracious learners who go the extra mile to understand collaborator needs and design unique solutions for each collaboration opportunity. In the same step, we have created a platform for a global community where students from all over the world have a chance to find each other.

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Our vision is the international connection of education, offering science-based solutions, along with psychological support for our younger generations.  Students come to understand today’s society and have a real ability to understand the society of the future, with this combination of strategies. Ultimately, we offer a platform where our children can learn deeply and connect, free of the barriers of language, culture, and distance. We understand that to cultivate great minds, education must follow the currents of development and make it better.

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OSC consists of a team dedicated educators with many years of teaching expertise and technical administration with the perfect blend of fields of professional knowledge. We have OCT qualified teachers to conduct the teaching of courses. We collectively believe that professionalism is an important consideration within own education think tank. We are devoted to instilling correct professional conduct and a transferrable skill serving the students’ future, our career and defining our collaboration.

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Ontario Secondary School Diploma is the official high school diploma designed and operated by the ministry of education of Ontario. OSSD’s education system is ranked as one of the Top-5 globally, and the first place among non-examination-based education systems. OSC applies the education system and method of OSSD and is recognized by esteemed higher education institutions worldwide. OSC practices the 3A testing method and is focused on a comprehensive evaluation of students’ learning abilities. OSC also enables the feasibility for students to obtain OSSD outside of Canada by using the online education platform. With the OSSD, OSC participates in OUAC 101 to grant the student direct benefits during the university application process.

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Our think-tank research has shown that the language barrier is a significant obstacle for balanced and credible information. The same issue has shown to be true for our younger generations. We use a multi-lingual system in our platform to eliminate the barrier between the local language and English-based learning. Our services facilitate a smooth transition to our system and make for a positive, practical international education experience.

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A world rich with possibilities must be built by people of diverse cultures and ways of thinking. At OSC, we sincerely respect the differences between individuals and believes that it is important to help them achieve their own way of social success. We have designed many different programs for students to select based on individual combinations of characteristics and specialties.

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The booming of information technology has enabled us a fast communication ability in the continental distance. We treat the speed of communication as one of the most important factors for our learning and operating efficiency. We are dedicated to providing speedy communication ability between both of our peers and our team.

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In short, the modular nature of our system and the installed multiple checks and balances ensure student success. As our students grow, we can again adapt to their growth schedule and changing needs. Because of the ability of the system to adapt to culture, region and any particular requirement necessary, our collaborators and students receive on-demand, effective education services.

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Our collaborators are based upon multiple different educational systems according to their home country’s policies. Aiming for smooth and balanced collaboration, we create many modes of collaboration to maximize the opportunities of partnership to let more students from every part of the world being able to walk with us. We also provide individual tweaks for the basic collaboration modes to make sure our service fits in each special case.

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A standardized platform providing students with both equitable content delivery and practical, effective connections between us and our collaborators. Through our patented, scientifically designed method of teaching administration and learning application, we ensure the essence of Canadian education is solidly delivered to each of our students and collaborators.

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